Friday, February 29, 2008

Review: "Take the Lead"

Here's the review I just posted at Amazon for Take the Lead:

This is another movie where an adult finds a creative way to intervene in the lives of troubled inner-city youths to teach them dignity, respect, and a little ballroom dancing. Antonio Banderas did a fantastic job in this film with a great mix of meekness and toughness. The magical part was not necessarily the plot (although it was touching) but how Banderas found the $200 entry fee for each of the couples in the competition, plus dresses/tuxes for them, and how the authority figures do not call security to remove the interlopers at the cotillion nor at the competition when they hijack the sound system. At 2 hours long, its about 15 minutes too long, but is enjoyable overall.

Definitely worth renting. If you love ballroom dance its still not worth owning though because there just isn't enough dance in it.

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