Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Freedom Across America Driving Tour

Word Tour Meme
Ok, folks, I just invented this meme idea (yes, I do get 'wild hairs'... and yes sometimes I do have too much time on my hands even when I should be very busy).

The title of the meme is "Word Tour Meme" and this is a play on "World Tour".

1. Pick a word, or a name.
2. At mapquest or your favorite mapping website, do a search and find some towns that are called by that word or name.
3. Arrange them in order for a virtual "tour". Post your itenerary.

4. Put the itenerary into the mapquest multi-stop planner (which can plot your 10 favorite stops at once). Post the link to your total itenerary.
5. Post the overview picture of your itenerary that was generated in optional step 4.
6. Find links to official websites for those towns!

If you create a "Word Tour" I'd love to know about it! Post a comment here. Thanks!

Here's an example. The "Freedom Across America Driving Tour":

  1. Freedom, Maine

  2. Freedom, New Hampshire
  3. Freedom, Maryland (3.5 Freedom, Pennsylvania, not shown above)

  4. Freedom, Kentucky

  5. Freedom, Indiana

  6. Freedom, Wisconsin

  7. Freedom, Oklahoma

  8. Freedom, Idaho

  9. Freedom, California

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