Monday, February 18, 2008

More Author Feedback

Back in November 2007, I posted about feedback I received from an article I wrote in 2000. Well, I recently received another email about that same article. This time from a job hunter instead of a recruiter!
I am writing you regarding some desperately sought advice, and perhaps you can help me. I read your article regarding Interview Tricks from a Professional Recruiter and one paragraph stood out to me. "A word of caution is warranted here: Don't let a recruiter push you around. Recruiters will often use pressure tactics. One such tactic is to imply that a job opportunity will expire if you don't make a quick decision. Remember that a recruiter is paid to put warm bodies into job slots. They do not have your best interests in mind. If more and more pressure is being applied, you have a right to start getting suspicious. It may indeed be the case that the only reason the recruiter is pushing a particular job is that he gets a nice fat commission when you get hired." Do you know of any articles that I can access which can help me deal with a recruiter that is already pushing me around? I am currently stuck in this exact situation and I need help in how to deal with the recruiter who is using high-pressure-tactics to try and get a quick decision out of me long before I am ready to do so. I feel as if I am being bullied and I would like to read up on how to effectively deal with them.Your article was a wonderful read and I plan to use some of the sage wisdom to help me on my journey in landing a new job :)

Well, there isn't much out there that I've seen to help with this. This article talks further about some of the unethical practices out there in the world of recruiting and offers just a few tips about protecting yourself. Anyone else read good articles that help the job seeker deal with pushy recruiters?

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