Thursday, November 29, 2007

Author Feedback

It's always surprising to me when someone emails me after reading an article that I've published. It has happened a few times, related to my PhD research. Today I got an email from a professional recruiter who was offended at the way I described the role of a recruiter in an article that was published in 2000. The article was called "Interview Tricks from a Professional Recruiter". Here's the email I got:

I read an interesting article on your experience working with a recruiter and walk away with mixed emotions. Although you did point out some valuable points for the job seeker you used a pretty broad stroke when you inaccurately described the role of a recruiter, "Remember that a recruiter is paid to put warm bodies into job slots. They do not have your best interests in mind" This statement is clearly not representative of our profession. We as recruiters do in fact have your best interests in mind. We provide one of the most critical elements of any business, the human element. When I work with an accomplished and noteworthy candidate such as yourself, the first thing I would have recommended is that you REMOVE your credentials from any resume bank. This practice has grown to be acceptable amongst job seekers, however, our experience (confirmed by our clients) tells us this is clearly not the type of candidate our clients want to meet with. I will market you to various different organizations and these will include companies that you may be
aware of and some you may not. My duty is twofold with each half equal; 1- To ensure you find an opportunity that meets your needs and criteria, fosters growth and will offer you happiness. (this does not mean a salary increase, although it can in
some cases). 2- To present the most qualified and interested candidate, meeting and exceeding expectations. Presenting the accomplished professional that will make an immediate impact in the organization.This is a very rough outline of my procedure and how our firm operates. In closing I would hope that you have a better understanding of how professional recruiters conduct business. We are trusted partners with organizations and the high achievers across all industries providing valuable services. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or of course if you need any assistance.

This particular recruiter works for an agency that specializes only in the health care and pharamceutical industries. I would certainly hope that all professional recruiters will continue to evolve their procedures and skills so that the candidate is taken as seriously as the paying client. In 2000, in the high tech arena, that was not my experience. And that's what I wrote the article out of... my experiences. It would have been nice if the recruiter I had worked with had spent more time trying to understand what I was looking for.... I stayed with the company he found for just 9 months. But at least he got his $3,000 commission for getting me hired and past the 90 day window. And that job could have been great for a long time if they had had a little more variety in their available projects... I just wasn't a great fit for that project and it was a tiny company that has since been bought by a huge multinational. In fact, I referred a friend to work at that same company and he still works there! Great fit for him, he loves it, just wasn't a great place for me.

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beth said...

Sheesh - to send a comment like that on an article almost 8 years old seems...weird. I guess it just serves to remind that things published online are nearly permanent. Weird.