Monday, January 14, 2008

Lack of creativity?

I love both J.A.G. and N.C.I.S. But some of the similarities are too wacky.

  1. Admiral A.J. Chegwidden's name is "Arthur Jethro". And Gibbs' name is "Leroy Jethro". Do we have a Jethro fixation for some reason? Cuz its just not that common of a name.
  2. Harmon "Harm" Rabb. Mark Harmon. Weird.
  3. CIA Special Agent Clark Palmer. Autopsy gremlin Jimmy Palmer. Again, there are thousands of last names. Do we have a Palmer fixation?
  4. MacKenzie. McGhee.
  5. Commander Caitlin "Kate" Pike (played by Andrea Parker): After graduating from Harvard Law School, Kate was Harm's partner for a little while when she was a lieutenant before she was replaced by Lieutenant (J.G.) Meg Austin. Special Agent Katelyn Todd.

Anyone know of other wacky similarities?

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