Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Book Review - "Sell The Feeling"

Here's the review I posted on Amazon today of Sell The Feeling:

I enjoyed this book. While the material is simple and all sales people should already know it, I only wish that more people followed the ideas in this book because the steps in the book are how I wish people would sell to me. I only wish that sales people would take the time to ask me questions to find out what I need, and then tell me how they can meet my needs. Much of this book resonated with me. I want sales people to build rapport with me; I want them to ask questions instead of launching a canned spiel; I want them to tailor their presentation to me. I don't want to think that sales success is just a numbers game where you use a cookie cutter approach and jam it onto enough people that it will work with some of them. I will definitely be following the advice of this book, which confirms what I had wanted to do in my heart but had been trained not to do. I had been trained to present my one-size-fits-all slick presentation and then make a close. But now I feel I have "permission" to do otherwise - that being genuine and seeking to fill actual needs is a valid sales approach. Things I didn't like about the book are: 1) The idea that visualization of an outcome guarantees it will happen (a la "The Secret" and "Law of Attraction" and other nonsense where 'you attract what you focus on'). My visualization will not change someone else's free will. 2) The book assumes that you have prospects that have agreed to meet with you. Getting prospects, and then getting an initial meeting with them is assumed, and I find this to be a challenging part of sales. I wish the book had addressed this area. Overall, I think that many sales people (and their clients!) would benefit from not just reading material like this but implementing it. Instead of "selling" me something..take the time to understand what I need or desire and then help me meet that need.

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Janie said...

I'm a salesperson...and try hard to understand needs and desires of my client. Probably to excess.

(But I'm trying to get better!:))