Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

This past weekend I spent a great deal of time lounging around watching TV. Movies like The Marine (DISH gave it 1.5 stars, I'd give it 3 or so), Kuffs (I think DISH gave it 3 stars and that's about right), and some other stuff that doesn't come to mind right now. While watching movies, I engaged in my new TV-hobby, making jewelry, all of which is available for you to own via my Etsy store. Here's what I created this weekend:

This one is a beautiful emerald green and gold lotus bud necklace with earrings.
This is a light blue, dark blue, and gold broad collar, with papyrus umbrel design earrings.
This one is a gorgeous lotus bud necklace in silver-tone with copper-colored and pink gold colored beads. The description sounds kinda funny, but its a really pretty necklace in person. I need to learn how to use my camera better so that I can get even more accurate colors out of it.
This offering had been just a necklace. I added a set of lotus blossom design earrings and got a better photo too.

The first snowfall of the season fell gently today. There were two male cardinals scratching around for food (only one seen here). I gave them directions to for a good feeder.

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