Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sunsets and Sealing Wax

I've been trying to figure out how Paint Shop Pro could make my sunset pictures look better. For most photos I use the "One Step Photo Fix", but for sunsets, I've gotten some nice results (below) using only the "Automatic Saturation Enhancement".

Fall is finally starting to show up. Hopefully the rain we've gotten in the last few days will spur trees to change their leaf color further.
The other day I came out of the bank to the sight of hundreds, hundreds I say, of seagulls swirling around in the air like those videos of hundreds of hammerhead sharks in a feeding frenzy.

This is the roof of the Kmart across the street where the seagulls were congregating. Hundreds. and. hundreds. of. seagulls.

I love the branches of trees. This picture is quite pretty in color, but I thought it was stunning in grayscale:
I also love the geometries of high-power lines:

Finally, this was a sight I don't want to see often: a firetruck with lights and sirens racing full speed into a gas station.

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