Thursday, April 12, 2007

Missing the point

CNN's front page has a viewer poll this morning asking
Which phrase best describes your view of stem cell research?
Morally wrong

Well its impossible for me to answer that question in the way they phrased it!

Adult stem cell research? Vital.
Embryonic stem cell research? Morally wrong.

What's the difference, you ask? Embryonic stem cell research is carried out by either using cells from aborted babies OR by fertilizing new eggs (Creating new life) SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of destroying it and experimenting on it. And both of those are morally wrong. As I posted the other day, embryonic stem cells have yet to show any benefit for all the life they've killed, and often simply cause tumors instead.

On the other hand, adult stem cell research has already clinically shown successful treatments and cures for more than a dozen conditions. And no one has to die to retrieve the stem cells.

In other news, please pray for Mike. He whacked his head at work 2 days ago hard enough to give himself a concussion. The pain and nausea are not getting better yet. Yesterdays' CT scan looked good though. Someday it will be a funny story about how being polite and holding doors open for people is too dangerous to be worth it.

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