Friday, March 30, 2007

Makeup bag vs Purse

I was recently asked if is it best to use a makeup bag or a purse. Here's my answer. What are your thoughts on this topic?

Makeup bags and purses serve different functions. I happen to carry a purse that is big enough to hold my makeup bag inside it... this way my makeup stays together (doesnt get lost, doesnt get damaged rolling aroud), it contains any spills that occur to limit the damage to other items like cell phones, and its easier to toss into an overnight bag or gym bag, etc.

Purses are for carrying all the other things: pens, keys, cell phones, wallet, etc. that you would not want getting makeup in them if they were in the same bag as the makeup.

Terabyte, on the other hand, prefers to carry everything in her food bowl, which she carries in her mouth.

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beth said...

That's an adorable photo. :)

I concur - makeup bags go into the purse, larger makeup bags go into luggage.