Monday, June 26, 2006

Today's DIY project: Building an Ark

Yes, its been raining. A lot. There is more flooding than we've had during hurricanes. The pictures and headaches are dramatic. But CNN has taken it too far. They have a photo gallery of "Washington DC-area" flooding.

Every single one of the pictures are of Seaford, DELAWARE, or Federalsburg, MD. According to Mapquest, that's 100 miles away. And according to the map, its 2 states away. Wanna tell me how thats a DC-area photo? That's like saying Richmond is DC-area. Um, not quite. The gallery should be called "Mid-Atlantic Flooding".


beth said...

What's the fun of mid-atlantic flooding? It doesn't give the same sense of impending doom and peril that the US Government is in danger of being rendered useless by water (though who needs water, the Democrats have basically already taken care of that.)

Michael said...

The DC area also includes Virginia, Maryland and IRAQ. Oh wait Virginia isn't a part of DC.