Friday, February 24, 2006

Spoofing Emily Dickinson

Beth's poetry contest for the week is to write a poem in the style of Emily Dickinson.

Alright, I'm spoofing Emily Dickinson's Poem CIII (103) from her Nature section. The original can be found at If you'd like to hear my submission sung to the appropriate tunes as suggested in the instructions for this contest, I'll hire a good soprano.

THE Moonstone was but a highlight
Of white a night ago,
And now she turns her flawless face
Upon the world we know.

Her eyebrow is of amplest Blond;
Her cheek like Pink Sapphire;
Her eye a Rainforest green frond
Under the pale Blue Moon.

Her lips of Amber Suede do part
Into a smile you know.
Upon her friend she will bestow
Nail tips of Coral Glow!

And what a privilege to be
A Mary Kay beauty!
For certainly her way will be
A sparkling sweet Journey.

Her own nails are Lavender Moon
On toes inside her shoe.
The stars are small stones at her heart,
And prove what she can do.

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