Monday, February 27, 2006

mmmmmm... Melting Pot

I adore cheese fondue. I said to Mike the other day that I could eat fondue at least once a day. For my sister's birthday this weekend, the whole family ate a fabulous meal at the Melting Pot in Arlington. We had Beth select the courses since it was her birthday: Wisconsin Trio Cheese Fondue and also Cheddar Cheese Fondue to start. I liked the Cheddar very much. And the cauliflower tasted great in it! Then salads. I had the seasonal "Apple Walnut" which was fantastic. We had the Fondue Court Bouillon in both pots to cook the Center Cut Combo meats. Yummy! Especially like the shrimp in the horseradish cocktail sauce. Woo! And for desert we had the Baily's Irish Cream Dream and the Cookies N Cream Marshmallow Dream. The cheesecake dipped in the chocolate was fantastic. A fabulous meal for 6 for the low-low price of more than $300! Ouch. Thanks, Dad!

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