Thursday, December 16, 2004


CNN reports that "President Bush has ordered plans for temporarily disabling the U.S. network of global positioning satellites during a national crisis to prevent terrorists from using the navigational technology".

Do you know how many defense contractors are actively building software suites that use GPS as a primary tool to help FIRST RESPONDERS?! If GPS is down, a main power of these programs will be hamstringed. These programs are designed to help fire fighters and cops know where their buddies are; call up floor plans of buildings they are entering and get situation awareness; guide first responders to the location of the emergency; etc etc etc!!!

Let's take 9-11 as an example ... let's say the terrorists used GPS to do their research ahead of time. Turning GPS off after the towers were hit would not have prevented the terrorists from doing their research. Let's say the terrorists used GPS to pilot the planes or to know when to begin their plane takeover. Turning GPS off after the first tower was hit would most likely not have prevented the other strikes (partly b/c the twin towers could be see for miles and miles...).

Once an emergency has taken place, turning off GPS would only possibly help prevent or delay additional/secondary *localized* strikes. Possibly. Maybe. However, it will also hinder first responders and military units from navigating the scene.

There has got to be more to this. I hope that the news article is merely trying to make a dramatic point by leaving out details and twisting the truth. Because this doesn't make sense.

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