Monday, October 04, 2004

GRRRRrrrr... Antique security procedures are a pain. As a contractor on a military facility, my badge expired at the end of last month along with a zillion other people. Interestingly, security let me on base with no problem on last friday, October 1. (HELLO! I shouldnt have gotten in last friday!!!) But today I had a gate guard who was actually awake. Not only did he take my expired badge from my posession, but he pointed out that even if I got a temporary vehicle pass from the visitor's center that I would not be allowed to drive my car onto the base because my car license plates also expired at the end of september. I know those stickers are still sitting on my kitchen counter awaiting afixiation to my car (hmm... afixiation is a bizarre conjugation and probably not a real word...). So i had to WALK IN to my building!! grrrrr. Meanwhile, I'm passed by FedEx trucks ... it seems they have a lot less security screening than i do ...

Anyway, I wish there was a way to boot the Navy into the 21st century. They -have- computer databases in the visitor's center ... when you go in to get a new badge, they look you up to verify you're an employee/contractor. How difficult would it be for them to automatically send an email reminder that your badge expires? Or to just send the damn email directly to the admin so that they can PRINT OUT the renewal request. For that matter, why dont we use these damn Common Access Card smart cards so that the admins can submit ELECTRONIC badge renewal requests instead of paper?

So I have a safety-orange visitor's sticker for today ... and will have to get one for the rest of the week (one day at a time) until my badge is ready. The reason it takes so long is that so many people expired at the end of the month. Duh .. how about staggered expiration dates so there's less backlog? Another problem with the orange sticker is taht it does NOT stick to my synthetic fabric shirt. It sticks better to my arm, but still not great.

I need an appointment with the Captain. I bet -he- never gets denied access to base.

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