Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Martha Stewart and misc

Martha Stewart has been assigned to a federal prison in West Virginia which she specifically asked -not- to get, because of its remoteness. She feels that her lawyers will have travel troubles reaching her there while they work on her appeal. WAAAAAH. I suppose the 1,055 other female inmates there have local lawyers that don't have to travel? I'm so glad that the department of corrections completely ignored her request for special treatment. My sister says that the WVa inmates will be very lucky for 5 months ... surely the prison will assign Martha to the kitchen so that she can cook gourmet meals for the inmates :) I can see it now ... gourmet mystery meat, gourmet soggy vegetables, etc.

In other news, the SpaceShipOne launch and landing was exciting. I look forward to the day when I can take an orbital ride. $200,000 is out of reach for me, but eventually it just has to be cheaper, yes? I wanted to be an astronaut for most of my childhood, and will definitely be watching for my turn as a space tourist.

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