Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SYTYCD Top 20 6/18/13

Really enjoyed the ballroom routine.

LOVED the Top 10 Guys routine to music "Sand".  The dance starts at about 1minute 11seconds... skip the commentary before that.
The sand prop is beautiful.  Reminds me of the dancing water fountains in Las Vegas.  There are some good moves from different genres, and there is strength display.  The costumes are good.  But why do the guys get to wear slacks and a long sleeve shirt when the girls have to wear the crap costume in their group routine??

I HATED the Top 10 Girls routine to music "Let's Have A Kiki".  I've seen better High School JV dance/cheer squad routines.  The costumes sucked.  The music sucked.  The choreography sucked.  It was horrific.

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