Wednesday, March 06, 2013

What I learned in High School

I guess y'all were drugged out during high school or something.

How to do taxes: you save all the financial paperwork that you receive; you buy a program like TurboTax; you follow their guided interview and fill in the boxes by copying from your paperwork; you click send.  How damn hard is that?

What taxes are: Did you not take U.S. Government for an ENTIRE YEAR in 11th grade?  I did.

How to vote: First, you register. We did that in the above-mentioned U.S. Government class in school.  Second, you pay attention to when elections are.  On the day of an election, you look at your voter registration card and you go to your polling place.  While you stand in line, you read over the free sample ballot you were handed.  You check in.  You follow the directions given you by the people who are there to tell you what to do.  You vote.  How damn hard is that?

How to write a resume/cover letter.  Did your high school not a have guidance counselor? Or did you simply fail to make an appointment to get their help? 

Anything to do with banking: Um, we did banking in fifth grade.  Every morning we had to write out a few pretend checks for thinks like utilities and groceries (so we learned how to fill out the check, we practiced how to write out numbers long-hand).  We entered them in our checkbook, we kept the balance up to date (practicing our math).

How to apply for loans for college:  Did your high school not have a guidance counselor?  Or did you simply fail to make an appointment to get their help?

How to buy a car or house:  For a car, you research what kind of car you might want. Go to the website of a few car dealers.  Look at the price of your car... most even have an entry that shows you the monthly payment.  Compare the monthly payment to your income.  If you can afford the car, you either go get a loan from a bank or you get a loan from the car dealer.  A car salesman greets you the instant you turn off your car engine. You tell them what car you want.  You fill out a ton of paperwork that they guide you through.  How damn hard is that?

For a house, you research neighborhoods you might want to live in and you make a list of features you would like if possible.  You pick a realtor and tell them this stuff.  You fill out paperwork that they guide you through (including getting a loan from your bank). You tour a bunch of houses.  When you see one you want and can afford, you tell the realtor.  They help you negotiate.  When you are selected to buy the house, your realtor helps you fill out more paperwork.  How damn hard is that?

If you really paid enough attention to understand pythagorean theorem, then you can do all of the above just fine. 

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