Monday, September 24, 2012

Stair rails

I used Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations Dark Base Satin Cabinet Paint (tinted "Rustic") to change my builder grade Oak stair rails. Here's the "before".

Here's how they looked after the base paint was on.

Here's how they looked after the glaze and protective coat were finished: 

 The project took me about 30 hours or so. First you have to clean dirt/grease/whatever off the rails, spindles and base plate. Then you scrub the deglosser on, then wipe it off twice. Then you paint on the base color, two coats. Dont get discouraged at the appearance until after you've put on the glaze! The paint color itself was kinda cheesy, but once the dark glaze had been applied and wiped off, they looked amazing. Then you apply the protective coat. Lots of awkward work and very tedious to get in all the round crevices, but it is absolutely gorgeous and matches my cherry floors wonderfully. Totally worth it.

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