Monday, June 25, 2012

Top Spots I should live

According to the quiz at, I should live in one of these places:
  1. Salisbury, NC
  2. Hickory, NC
  3. Murray, KY
  4. Maryville, TN
  5. Berea, KY
  6. Winterville, NC
  7. Guthrie, OK
  8. Hendersonville, NC
  9. Gainesville, GA
  10. Edenton, NC
  11. Aiken, SC
  12. Charlottesville, VA
  13. Woodbury, TN
  14. Oxford, MS
  15. Clayton, GA
  16. Paris, TN
  17. Morganton, NC
  18. Hopkinsville, KY
  19. Atlantic City, NJ
  20. Mount Airy, NC
  21. Myrtle Beach, SC
  22. Rocky Mount - Stony Creek, NC
  23. Hampton, VA
  24. Lawrenceburg, KY
I would never ever live at Atlantic City, but Hampton VA or Myrtle Beach SC seem like they may be worth looking at.  I've lived in MS before, and I don't think I would move back there, so Oxford is out.   Western North Carolina was very pretty when I was there recently, so those are possibilities too, but let's rule out any town smaller than 10,000 people.

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