Thursday, March 01, 2012

"Top Shot" fashion discrimination

This is a screen capture from this week's "Top Shot" episode.  The shirt styles are really irking me.  Why does the female have to wear a shirt that doesn't protect her as much as the man's shirt style?

Notice the man can choose how many buttons he wants to button or unbutton at the neck.  The woman doesn't even HAVE buttons.  So if she wants more sun protection or protection from flying bullet fragments, she has no way of closing up her shirt.

Second, notice the man's shirt sleeves go all the way to his elbows and protect all of his upper arm from sun and bullet fragments.  The woman's shirt only goes half way down her arm.  He can push his sleeves up to adjust the amount of arm to show, but she has no way to bring her sleeves down to protect her skin.

Finally, notice that the man's shirt is a nice square shape, but the woman is forced to wear a "Tailored" fitted style that fits close to her curves.  Even though these are probably somewhat-stretchy knits, the close-fit shirt will be more binding and restrictive of movement than the loose-fit shirt.


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