Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Classic Smoky Eye

For a classic smoky eye look:
  1. Highlight just the brow bone using a soft, shimmery beige such as Spun Silk.
  2. Apply midtone (a shade slightly darker than your skin tone) starting from the base of the lashline, across the lid, and up to the brow bone.  So pick a neutral that is a bit darker than your skin.  Put on two layers of midtone if you want a deeper/darker look.
  3. Blend the two colors together well.
  4. Apply your dark shade (your contour shade.  Pick one: Black Pearl, Coal, Copper Glow, Ivy Garden, Midnight Star, or  Sweet Plum.) Start at the base of the lash line and work your way up to the crease of the eye...and then blend it out.
  5. Use black eye liner across top lashes.
  6. Apply a black shadow (Coal) directly over the top of the pencil liner you just put on and start to pull up with the color to smudge it out.  Add a little more Coal into the outside corners of the eyes. Blend, blend, blend.
  7. Apply midtone shade again, right against the base of the bottom lash line.
  8. Apply contour shade over the top of the midtone shade that you just applied at the base of the bottom lash line.
  9. Use two coats of black mascara.

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