Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Poetic Eyes

Makeup Artist Robert Jones calls this look the Poetic Eye.  By having a very soft eye, you can have a bold red lip.

How to get this look:

Step-by Step Poetic Eyes

1. Conceal your eyelid with concealer and set it with powder.

2. Using an Eye Definer Brush, place a creme shimmer shadow (Mary Kay Beach Blonde) on your eyelid from lashline to where the crease of the eye begins. This will make the eye shadow much more intense and it will stay on much longer. Now with the same brush, apply a shimmering champagne powder shadow like Mary Kay Moonstone. Remember's all about layering!

3. Apply a subtle brow color to create a soft statement with the brows.

4. Using your
Eye Crease Brush, apply a matte taupe shadow like Mary Kay Hazelnut in the crease, from the outside corner toward the inside corner. Using your Eye Definer Brush, apply a layer of midtone like Mary Kay Cinnabar to the outer outer third of your eyelid. Leave the lower lid completely void of color.The contrast between the shimmer and the matte is what makes the poetic eye POP. 

5. To give the look an editorial flair, skip the eyeliner and limit mascara to the top lashes only. 

6. Finish off the look with a super soft cheek using only a bronzer like Mary Kay Sandstone Bronzing Powder and then apply a matte red lipstick

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