Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 Memorial contingencies

Overall, I think the 9/11 Memorial is pretty neat. I just hope they have plans for dealing with the following:

1) People shoving things into the etched names. So far people have put flowers and flags into the names. I can only imagine what worse stuff will be stuffed in those letters. Especially since there is the cooling system under the brass. How will they clean out gum, trash, coins, etc. that people shove into the etched letters?

2) The fountains: how will they deal with the coins tossed into the fountains? How about the idiots who will toss in detergent to make the huge bubble mess, or the dork who tosses in a bunch of dye to change the water color? Are the fountains going to be Irish green on St. Patrick's day?

3) I don't see a way to keep people out of the fountains. It looks pretty easy to climb up on the parapet and then stand on the flat water area and then jump (30 feet) into the pool. Should someone do that, how will they get out?

It's a pretty memorial, I just hope they have thought about how to take care of it so idiots don't ruin it in short order.

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