Saturday, March 05, 2011

Wedding gown goofs

The mummy gown, from Costco. Looks like it adds a good 10 pounds to a skinny person.

Another mummy bandage gown.

A nice antique white traditional gown that got attacked by a huge black tarantula. I mean gauze bow. Thank you, Vera Wang.

The slip that you wear under a bridal gown. Huh? Vera, what do you mean that that IS the gown? Putting a black leather belt (I mean, sash) from your 80's stash on it does not make it a gown, honey.

A nice traditional lace sheath dress that got attacked by a huge white tarantual. I mean gauze bow. I sense a trend here, Vera.

A greek pillar dress that got snagged in a blender.

A gold bra worn on the outside of a huge layered cake of lace tiers. (Bras go on the inside, dear).

A knit or crochet dress you dug out of your mother's (grandmothers??) stash from the 1960s.
How retro.

Rolled up in a pleated skirt, sideways. I dont think i've ever seen pleats go in that direction before.

Baby-bump hider. If you don't have a baby-bump, this silhouette is not for you. But seriously, don't just take the window treatments down and wear them a la Sound of Music.

$750 for this extremely simple slip dress? you're kidding!

The white prom dress. Hey! What's wrong with that, anyway!

Another greek column dress. With sparkles. $2800???

Another $700 simple slip dress. Seriously folks, fabric and a pattern for this would be $100 tops.

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Linda said...

Your comments are "right on"!! Truely ugly gown. the one with the black spider would be OK if the sash was removed.
Loved the makeup renew from prom. Beautiful.