Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rambling thoughts

When I'm a "benevolent" dictator, here's a few changes I'll make:

  1. Reorg the military. If it flies, its Air Force (no more army helicopters or navy c130s). If it's in/under the water, it's Navy. Everything else is Army (Marines become Army). Except, ALL special forces groups will become Marines. Navy SEALS will now be Marine SEALs. Delta Team = Marines. The Marines will consist exclusively of special forces teams. If they need a helicopter for a mission, they'll have to cooperate with the Air Force to get a ride.
  2. All highway entrances/exits will be on the right hand side.
  3. Every road that crosses a bridge over a highway will also have an entrance/exit at that bridge.
  4. No more importing of perishables. This is wasteful. Get to know what's grown in-season in your own country. No more south american strawberries in north american winter. Ditto with roses. It's wasteful to fly them thousands of miles. Learn to appreciate the seasons and delay gratification.

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