Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review: Swindoll's "Insights on John"

I absolutely loved Swindoll's "Insights on John". This book should be read by every Christian and kept in every church library. Swindoll starts by explaining the context of the book of John, using maps, timelines, and a table that explains the major themes. The book then proceeds in sections: prologue, presentation of the Word, authentication of the Word, confirmation of the Word, and vindication of the Word. Swindoll explains key terms, explains a small number of verses in each chunk, and closes each chunk with an application section. The text is sprinkled with maps, photos, special blurbs that explain a key theme or point of historical context. Throughout, Swindoll's text brings the Bible to life by explaining the context that would have been common knowledge when the book of John was wriiten but is not understood by modern people. For example, he explains why each of the court trials was illegal according to Jewish and Roman law; he explains who Pontius Pilate was; he explains crucifixtion and burial procedures; and he explains Jesus' message and intent in each of the signs he performed. I've heard lots of sermons on John over the years, but I learned a huge amount from this book. It really made an impact on me. I've often heard people tell new Christians to start reading the Bible with the book of John; but I'll be telling people to start reading with "Insights on John" so that they comprehend the enormity of what John records in his gospel.

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