Friday, September 10, 2010

Blowback, by Brad Thor

"Blowback" is a pretty good way to spend a few hours reading. I especially enjoyed the part where Thor talks about how vampirism and rabies are closely related:

"Not only do vampires bite people, but so do human being affected with the rabies virus. Vampires are said to seduce women; rabies sufferers are known to be hypersexual. Vampires attack people; rabies sufferers often show a dramatic increase in aggressive behavior. Vampires roam the earth at night; rabies patients suffer sever insomnia due to interrupted sleep cycles. Vampires are erratic and suck blood; rabies patients often experience convulsions and bloody frothing at the mouth. Vampires hate garlic; rabies patients are often hypersensitive to strong odors, especially garlic. Vampires avoid mirrors as they do not cast a reflection; rabies sufferers cannot bear the sight of their own reflection and avoid any object that might cast a reflection. Vampires are afraid of sunlight; rabies patients often develop acute photosensitivity. Finally, vampires are afraid of holy water; and rabies patients often develop hydrophobia."

So Edward Cullen has rabies. You'd think it would be the wolves, but then again, maybe they do too.

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