Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Read labels carefully

At the local superbox store today, I was confronted by these two versions of the same product. I said to myself, "Huh??"

The first reads "30 rolls = same # of sheets as 75 regular rolls" and the second reads "30 rolls = same square feet as 83 regular rolls". But if you don't read carefully, you dont see the sheets vs square feet detail. It just looks like 83 is better than 75. The 83 package is a dollar more than the 75 package. But if you look at the bottom, you see that the cheaper 75 roll comparison package is 86.3 square meters of product while the other more expensive one is 80.4 square meters. So, I return to my previous statement: "Huh?" How is the 6-square-meter smaller version a dollar more expensive? Just because the 83 is bigger than 75? It's the screw-you special: pay more for less product but feel better about it because you're under the delusion you're getting more comparison rolls.

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