Friday, July 30, 2010

Recent road trip to South Carolina

This is an overview of the road trip I took with my parents recently. The straight milage shown is about 1465. But there was a bit of extra driving around that isn't shown in the major stops.

So first we went to the Norfolk area, where Dad taught a training class. We stayed the next night at Washington, NC, and then the next morning drove to New Bern, NC, (spot C) to tour Tryon Palace. After that, drove to North Charleston, SC, (spot D) where we spent a few days. Dad taught another training class, and Mom and I drove around and toured things like the Tea Plantation (spot E) on Wadmalah Island and the Drayton Plantation. Then we all left town and went to Kingstree, SC, (spot F) to do some genealogy. Which lead us to Hemingway, SC, (spot G) to visit a historical society that had some more information Mom wanted. Then high-tail it to Anderson, SC, (spot H) to spend the night. Next morning did some more genealogy type stuff and then decided to drive home a day early.

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