Friday, June 25, 2010

Moth of the day: Blinded Sphinx Moth

Today's unusual moth at my back door is the Blinded Sphinx Moth.

Here it is, facing to the right. The wings have a very unusual shape. The tail end of the body curves up a bit. The moth is nearly 2 inches long.

When I nudged it to see if it was still alive, it put out it's underwings which have a pink background with black eyes. Because the eye has a white center, the moth is "blinded" (an analogy to blind animals who have whitened eyes due to cataracts and such). The actual eyes on the head are fine, it's just the eye shape on the wing that they are referencing. You can see the fuzzy antenae much better on this photo:

Like the Luna moth, the adult Blinded Sphinx does not eat.

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