Friday, April 16, 2010

Syfy shooting self in foot

I can only laugh hilariously at SyFy channel's newest attempt to kill itself.

In the fall, they are moving the Friday night dramas (Stargate Universe, Sanctuary, and Caprica) to Tuesday night.

Because they're bringing WRESTLING to friday nights.

Yeah. Wrestling = SciFi. Where are the people that say it is a real sport, again?

How does this shoot SyFy in foot? Easy. They get their ratings from Live, and Live + 24 hours. So a show that I DVR on friday night and watch on saturday still gets them the best ratings. A show that I DVR on TUESDAY and don't watch until saturday gets them much fewer ratings points. They insist that more people will watch Live on tuesday. Not this household. Tuesday is our beloved NCIS and we dont even watch that live. In fact, I betcha that the DVR list for Tuesday is already full and we wont even put SGU on ths list for a tuesday.

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