Thursday, October 15, 2009

More plates

Custom license plates I saw yesterday.

MGIK MKR (Do you think that's magic maker or magic marker?)

PHAT SS (Do you think that's 'fat *ss' or fat *sses?)

R3D5KN (Obviously a Redskins fan)


MI OASIS (It's actually kinda sad when your car is your oasis...)

NAVYWX (any ideas on this one?)

GRGRMR (I don't get this one either..any ideas?)

E-THR-OR (Very clever either or)

LXANDRA (Cute way to get the idea of Alexandra... Its very cyberpunk)

PLEADES (the star constellation)

OBIDDY (Old biddy?)

LT-N-GT (Less than and greater than?)

OWLOVER (Clever double use of a letter Owl Lover)

MNSTR CR (This Monster Car was actually a little Volvo, so not talking about the size)

TALEGT (And yes, this pickup truck was definitely tail gating the car in front).

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