Saturday, July 04, 2009

Review: "Evil at heart" by Chelsea Cain

I didn't find the dramatic tension to be as high in this book (Evil at heart) as in the previous two (Heartsick and Sweetheart)... Archie doesn't seem that desparate to find serial-killer Gretchen Lowell and put her in jail again. Susan Ward seems to be more the focus of this book..Archie is just too out of it to really engage. Which is kinda weird since he's off drugs now. We meet a few new characters that I would expect we'll be seeing again, such as Leo the drug lawyer... it is pretty obvious that Ms Cain will be writing another book in this series. I don't feel compelled to read it when it comes out...I'm not a serial-killer groupie that is waiting for Cain's every pen stroke. What I found most interesting were the trivia that reporter Susan Ward interjected about how many people die each year in various ways like choking on pens and on escalators, etc. The mystery of who is doing the killings (is it Gretchen, or is it her fan club?) is not actually solved, of course, because Gretchen is a master manipulator. And in the end, I just don't really care who did the killings.

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