Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Book Review: The X and Y of Buy

I absolutely loved all the information about neuroscience and brain structures. The first part of "The X and Y of Buy" talks about how the male and female brains function differently. Each chapter has a chart summarizing the information, and then ends with a short explanation of how to apply that information to a sales situation. The chapter subtitles give a pithy summary of the content: "Men buy; women shop and then purchase 80% of everything", "It's about his quest and her nest", "He prioritizes, while she maximizes", "He sees like a laser; she sees like a lighthouse", "He's more sensible, and she's more sensitive", "He gives directives; she seeks consensus", "He contains his feelings; she conveys hers".

The second part of the book attempts to apply the information about neuroscience to the sales process. This is definitely the weaker part of the book. The example scenarios are shallow, and the advice seems generic. I did, however, like the summary of the sales cycle for each gender.

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