Sunday, June 28, 2009

Review: "The Mutant Chronicles"

We watched this on the SciFi channel because we like some of the actors in it. This is a rather typical post-apocalyptic 'save the world' storyline. The movie starts with steam-punk trench warfare a la World War One; and then the mutants are unleashed. Of course some nice monks have been saving the knowledge of how to defeat evil (think 5th Element) and they gather a band of unlikely heros to destroy the machine that is making the evil mutants. Meanwhile a small portion of the Earth's population flees to colonies on Mars. Lots of predictable fighting transpires as the hero team gets killed off one by one. Then the main hero plugs in what is supposed to be a bomb and activates it, and we discover that the evil mutant machine is actually a spaceship that launches instead of being destroyed. The closing scene shows the ship arcing towards Mars. Poetic justice and all that. A solid B-level movie, very dark, very violent, and pretty boring.

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