Monday, May 11, 2009

Graduation Celebration Trip: Day 8, part A

This was Saturday, April 4. We were part of the 9:45am Stargate Set Tour group at Bridge Studios. You can see the photos that took of their tour here. Since we were going to be getting photos of us on the sets, we wore our costumes.

The tour buses pull into the Bridge Studio's lot:
And they drive around the building, so we see a lot of the parking lot which has the catering trucks and the actor's trailers.

We wait under the studio sign for our tour guides, one of which is N. John Smith (an executive producer, shown with the microphone,...he's husband to Lynn Smith who directed our off-site location tour on Wednesday).

But Mike & I were not in the group lead by N. John Smith. Our group fast-walks to the far end of the studio area. We pass signs along the way that list the other shows this studio has been involved in. This list says: Now in Production: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Farewell Atlantis, Defying Gravity, Frankie & Alice; Major Projects: Night at the Museum, Hot Rod, Dungeon Seige.

We passed the door that goes into the Costume area:

And arrived at the parking spots that are reserved for the actors of the new show Stargate Universe:

Neat warning sign next to the door that leads into one of the major studio areas:

I'm not allowed to show you the pictures we took on the sets. The first set inside that we got to walk through was the Apollo/Prometheus spaceships. We saw the outside of the set, with the doorway into the hall of the ship. I thought it was so interesting how these look like metal on film, but in person they are very obviously painted wood.

The hallways had various neat detailing on them: one said "Power Matrix" and "Flux Secondary". We also saw the inter-deck ladder. In order to be able to film people climbing all the way between levels, the ladder extends above the set, and green screen is used as needed.
There was a lovely tribute to Don S. Davis, who played General George Hammond.
The Bridge of the ship!! Mike sat in the command chair and pulled his best "Captain Kirk" pose.
We also saw one of the labs/auxilliary control areas, and a "crew quarters" room. Just when you get used to the idea that you're in a room, you catch a glimpse of the open ceiling where the lights and cameras are!
You can see's photo album of the set tours since I'm not allowed to post my pictures.

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Marmee of Bear Meadow said...

Painted wood, open ceilings...say it isn't so!! Seriously, great tour, great photos!