Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Graduation Celebration Trip: Day 13

When we got up today, we packed in preparation to fly home. Our plane was early afternoon, so we went for a scenic drive into the mountains.

On our way to the airport we stopped and had lunch at a park.

Waiting at the airplane gate for our plane to arrive, the clouds look ominous out the window.

But we get airborn on time, and here we're flying over Mt. Ranier. (or maybe Mt St Helens??)

After a lot of drama at the Long Beach airport, which involved waiting in an overcrowded lounge with a zillion teens that were going on spring break tour trips and then boarding a plane, deplaning because the door alarm wouldn't arm, boarding another plane, etc.... our red-eye finally arrives home at Dulles.

Dad picked us up, and we went straight home to get some sleep. I tried napping on the plane, but Mike didn't sleep at all. The graduation celebration trip is finally over and we're glad to be home. Once more Mike swears it will be a cold day in hell before he flies anywhere ever again. We'll see about that :)

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