Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring's color trend: ocean colors

"Dip, don't drown in makeup's ocean-inspired shades" gives some tips about this quarter's ocean theme.

"Matching makeup to your clothes isn't necessary, with many beauty experts advising against it." Jewelry is an accessory to you. Makeup is an accessory to you. They need to coordinate, but they don't have to match. And don't overdo it between a busy outfit, lots of jewelry and lots of makeup. Keep it balanced.

The Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color Palette: Coastal Colors is in line with this ocean-theme color trend.

Women with blue eyes will focus on the green and brown shades, but can use a touch of the blue too. Don't put any blue shade above the crease of your eyelid though...looks too dated. Use the limited edition Tahitian Gold eye liner, not the Bahama Blue one.

Women with brown eyes will focus on the blue and green shades, again keeping the blue below the eyelid crease. Women with green or hazel eyes will focus on the blue and brown shades. All of these women can use either color of eye liner.

To finish off the look, the Coastal Colors collection has three lip gloss shades. If you're wearing a dramatic eye, be sure to pick a lip gloss that is sheer and neutral on your lips. If you have Ivory skin, you'll probably choose the pink Polynesian Petals; If you have Beige-toned skin you'll probably like the bronzy Hawaiian Sunset lipgloss; and if you have Bronze skin, you'll probably want the deeper Carribbean Coral lipgloss.


Jenny O. said...

I love it when you write about things like this. It's super helpful!

Lynellen said...

Thanks so much for the feedback! A few months ago I was doing more posts like this and a few people dropped me from their blogrolls, so I cut back on this type of post.

I'm so glad you found it helpful.. cuz that is my goal!

Gwynne said...

I enjoy the colors and your suggestions too. I don't try many new things with makeup though...I'm always afraid I'll come off looking like Mimi on the Drew Carey show. ;-)