Thursday, March 26, 2009

Review: Trust No One by

Seems to me that this book was carefully crafted to be movie material what with it's reference to terrorists and politics. It will probably be a fine action flick with all the usual stunts. The story has an explosive beginning, but goes downhill after that and ends with a "so what, who cares?"

The main character has a team of helpers, kind of like a CSI show, that get him the information he needs at any given time. At the end, I was wondering why they didn't just kill Nick at the beginning of the story and figure out the clue trail for themselves.

I read an advanced readers' edition of this book, and have never read any previous novels from Gregg Hurwitz. After reading "Trust No One" I'm not overly inclined to see out his earlier books, nor especially eager to see what he writes in the future.

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