Monday, March 02, 2009

Catching up

My bank has posted SEVERAL of these signs all over their entry and lobby. "For your safety and ours, please remove these items. (baseball hat, hooded sweatshirt, sunglasses)". I can't wait until they gripe at me about my prescription glasses with photogray tinting.
Mike wanted a new car, and I thought about telling him he could only have one of these electric carts, with or without doors:

I've never seen an "EnviroCab" before..wonder what its supposed to run on.

I love these "Yellow" cabs that are, in fact, orange not yellow. Whoever said orange was the new pink was totally out of their mind. (spot the quote)


Gwynne said...

It's a sad day when you have to strip down to go to the bank. And like now, all the bad guys will just stand around outside, cuz, you know, they didn't read the dress code before they loaded up their guns and headed out to the bank. Sheesh. :-)

Marmee of Bear Meadow said...

I love my hoodies, but now I see I can't enter a bank wearing one. Tell us when Mike gets his new electric cart.