Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where to live?

A recent phone survey asked people where they would like to live. These are the most popular big cities, from most popular to least:
  • Denver. Visited there a few years ago. The mountains are gorgeous. But I'm getting tired of lots of cold weather. There seemed to be a smog haze over downtown. And the housing prices were ridiculous. So overall, I'm not very interested in moving here.
  • San Diego. I think I'd like the weather better.
  • Seattle. Too cold and rainy for me.
  • Orlando. Too hot and humid for me.
  • Tampa. Too hot and humid.
  • San Francisco. Too foggy.
  • Phoenix. Too hot.
  • Portland. Been there. Seemed ok. But probably too cold for me.
  • Sacramento. Seriously? This is a big city?
  • San Antonio. Tempting.
  • Boston. Way too cold.
  • Miami. Way too hot.
  • Atlanta. Way too hot and humid.
  • Wash DC. Live here! Traffic is horrible.
  • New York. You couldn't pay me enough money to live here.
  • Dallas. Maybe.
  • Philadelphia. My impression is that its a pretty run down place.
  • Chicago. Lived nearby already. Way too cold.
  • Houston. Too hot and humid.
  • Las Vegas. Too hot.
  • Riverside. Dont know anything about it.
  • Los Angeles. No way.
  • Baltimore. A run down version of Wash DC. No thanks.
  • St Louis. Visited there a few years ago. Not overly interested.
  • Pittsburgh. Too cold.
  • Minneapolis. Too cold.
  • Kansas City. Too boring.
  • Cincinnati. Dont know much about it.
  • Cleveland. Dont know much about it.
  • Detroit. Way too cold.

So where's my current fantasy escape destination? San Marcos, TX. Half way between Austin and San Antonio.

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