Friday, November 14, 2008

Four Star Army General Ann Dunwoody

Congratulations to Ann Dunwoody, the U.S.'s first female four-star General!

Gen. Dunwoody is wearing a good color of blush for her skin tone, and she has on a good light peachy lipstick which helps her thin lips appear a bit more full. But I think you will agree that a little more eye shadow and a cut&color would be a good idea. Thanks to the Mary Kay Virtual Makeover, here is Gen. Dunwoody wearing the "CMA Awards Red Carpet Diva" look, with "light warm brown" hair in a short curly cut. (You can click these images to see them larger).

Here is Gen. Dunwoody wearing "Look 1", which features colors that I could call "camoflage inspired", yet they have enough punch to brighten up her eyes. The hair style is the same here as above, but the color is "light caramel brown" to be closer to her current shade yet still be a change.
Here is General Dunwoody wearing "Look 1" but with her current long-hair hairstyle.
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