Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's new around here

I cut my hair off. EDIT: Gwynne pointed out that I'm not wearing any makeup in the picture I originally posted. She is sooooo right, so here's the before/after with the MK Virtual Makeover:

Still using the MK Virtual Makeover, here are some different hairstyles. Here's how it will look in about 2 weeks as it grows out (pretty accurate):

Here's what I'd LOVE my hair to look like:

Here's how hairdressers have blown out my hair... don't like it much:

This one is better:

Maybe this is an adequate middle ground, but it looks like a lot of work:

These are nice straight-hair looks if I wanted to blow my hair dry with a round brush:

But this is probably more like how it would turn out, LOL:

I think Mike & I have the same haircut now! Here he is in (most of) the Jack O'Neill costume he will wear to the Stargate Convention.

Tera also has a new cavebed.


Gwynne said...

Okay, I like the haircut, but now let's see this photo with make-up. ;-)

Lynellen said...

Gwynne, you asked for it, you got it! (Plus some more you didn't ask for!)

beth said...

Ok, I really like 1, 2, 4, and 5. I think you seriously should take #s 1 and 2 with you to a salon when you have hair again and see what can be done. Cause they rock.

Gwynne said...

Those are great! I like the makeup's just enough without looking like, you know, makeup.

As for hairstyles, I really like the last one also. :-) But if your hair is naturally curly, any straight look will take more work than the curly ones. And I like the curly styles best on you.

Lynellen said...

My hair is naturally curly, and can be made more curly with the right cut and anti-frizz products.

I like makeup to be just enough to enhance, not look painted. That's what I strive for.