Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Book review: Squawk! by Travis Bradberry

This is a fun little book in the spirit of "Who Moved My Cheese?"...a fable that tries to show (instead of tell) how a seagull manager can improve their leadership skills. I hadn't heard the term 'seagull manager', but it makes a lot of sense: "swooping in on a problem, squawking up a storm, and flapping our wings about, only to discover that we have just pooped all over everything."
Some of the quotes that I like in the book: "To manage is to achieve results by making use of what you have available to you. If you aren't setting crystal clear expectations with every member of your flock, you won't see results." "Your sole purpose as a manager is to guide your employees to results." And you have to get into the details of HOW they are to do the job. "The toughest part of being a manager is constructively correcting employees when they're off track." And managers can't do this only when it is convenient, flying in at the last second. Managers have to be around the employee routinely, and make sure to balance criticism with praise.
I'm sure its nothing you haven't read before, but it is a nice retelling.


Anonymous said...

I've read this book! It really is great. If you have a bad boss, give it to 'em!

Anonymous said...

I've read the book too!!! I have to say, it is definitely worth the buy. It hits some very key points and I'm sure there are more seagull managers out there than we realize. And, they have this website where you can go online and send an anonymous email to a manager or colleague is acting like a "seagull".....check it out: www.squawkmail.com


Jessica said...

It's a quick and fast read, with a powerful message behind it. I am recommending that we introduce this book in our management development program.

Lynellen said...

Thanks for stopping by, folks!

I confess that I am a seagull manager, and I will try to do better!