Thursday, September 25, 2008

Announcing Petabyte!

We are pleased to announce our new furry family member: Petabyte!

In this photo, you see me holding Terabyte, then Tera's 1/2 sister Petabyte (the name we're going to call her) and her breeder.
Here's my sister holding Tera's sister.

Petabyte was uncertain how to climb the stairs in our house when we brought her home last night, but Terabyte showed her how to do it this morning! She's a bit shy of them still, but she can climb them on her own now. And this morning when she was about to squat in the bedroom, Petabyte responded to "NO!" and held it till we got outside. What a smart girl!!

Peta slept in the crate last night and seemed fine with it. Once we get her rhythms under control we'll let her sleep where she chooses. Everytime she moved around last night, Tera got up to investigate...don't know why I was such a light sleeper, but I woke up a zillion times.

Tera showed a bit of food aggression this morning, but Peta didn't seem to notice...she's very even tempered. I was also able to redirect her post-breakfast chewing to a rawhide toy that Tera didn't care for, instead of my sheepskin slippers. Smart girl!

Peta also licked all the food bowls CLEAN....Tera tends to leave the bits of wet food that are smeared on the sides and bottom...Peta scrubbed them up happily.

Peta is doing great learning "outside" and "inside" and "go potty".

Tera & Peta have had a nice game of chase earlier today, then took a nice nap. They aren't best buddies yet, but they aren't fighting either.

As heartbreaking as we find de-barking, I am also grudgingly grateful...Peta is a BARKER! Last night in our backyard she got started and just couldn't stop. On the other hand, today Tera has been barking a lot but I've heard very little chuffing out of Peta.

Peta is wonderful and friendly, and I think she's going to be perfectly wonderful here.


Gwynne said...

Awwww! She's adorable. And smart! Shelties are such good dogs. Glad Tera is accepting her well.

SarahPlainAndTall said...

awwwwww congratulations on your new addition! she's adorable:) I'm glad tera seems to be adjusting well!