Saturday, August 02, 2008

Marie Clair's Expensive Beauty Tips for Less, Using Mary Kay

MSN Lifestyle reprinted a tip column from Marie Claire. Here's how to use Mary Kay products with their tips.
  • "Give yourself weekly facials using an at-home exfoliator and a mask that's right for your skin type." Mary Kay has several options for you. First, the Microdermabrasion Set which can be used twice a week, for all skin types. If you prefer a mask, pick your skin type: Moisture Rich Mask for Dry skin, Revitalizing Mask for Normal and Combination skin, or Clarifying Mask for Oily skin.
  • "Treat your skin below the neck" so that throat, chest and hands don't look older than your face. Use sunscreen and anti-aging products on these areas too.
  • "Spring for a product with a pentapeptide. To improve skin's firmness and obscure wrinkles, nothing outside of a doctor's office is more effective than a pentapeptide cream, says cosmetic-surgery consultant Wendy Lewis." Mary Kay offers the TimeWise Targeted Action Line Reducer with Pentapeptide-3.
  • "Go for the bronze. To disguise skin troubles, make self-tanning part of your regimen, says Kimara Ahnert. It camouflages cellulite, spider veins and sun damage for less than the cost of lasers. Go with something subtle (choose a build-a-tan formula or mix the tanner with your daily body lotion), so you look like you're glowing rather than hitting the tanning bed." To build your tan slowly, you'll love the Mary Kay Subtle Tanning Lotion. Even as a pale-skinned redhead, this product makes me look naturally tan, not orange.
  • "Choose a cheap, sheer formula" of foundation. For sheer coverage with moisture and sunscreen, use Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer. Or use Mary Kay Mineral Foundation, by itself or on top of the tinted moisturizer.
  • "Ditch the velvet powder puff. A brush lays down pressed powder more evenly, while allowing your skin to show through... Plus, you'll save money because a good brush lasts a lifetime, while a puff must be replaced every six weeks." Mary Kay offers a nice Brush Collection.
  • "Use volumizing mascara" such as Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in Black or Black Brown.

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