Friday, August 22, 2008

I have it good

As much as I may feel like whining right now, I won't.... because I have it good, compared to the bloggers I frequent:
  1. I don't have marijuna smoke invading my apartment (1.5 - I don't live in an apartment). Nor do I have to get my kids immunized at the health department (or anywhere else) b/c I have no insurance.
  2. I'm not feeling blue from empty nest syndrome because my youngest just went off to college.
  3. I'm not coping with a new wake-up time and a kid who cries everyday on her way into kindergarten.
  4. I don't have an energetic kid making himself bleed by being rambunctious.
  5. I'm not feeling blue b/c kids grow up so fast.
  6. I didn't get a sunburn even when wearing sunscreen.
  7. I'm not pregnant with hyperemesis that is interfering with all of life.
  8. I'm not coping with a brand-new untrained lovely energetic puppy (because the previous dog was tragically killed by a car just a week ago).
  9. I'm not helping my teen daughter raise her premature baby.
  10. I don't have to deal with a visiting mother who wants to wash and iron everything in sight.
Nope, I have it good: Mike has a good job that he likes a little bit, I can stay home and finish this phd, and I have a beautiful dog to sleep at my feet all day. So even though I only have 2 months and 2 weeks and 1 day to get the phd done, AND the SciFi channel is cancelling Stargate Atlantis and starting Stargate Universe ("keep those elements that have made the franchise a success, such as adventure and humor, while breaking new ground in the relationships between mostly young and desperate explorers, thrust together and far from home"..ummm..yeah...Star Trek Voyager with teens perhaps? a space opera, perhaps?), it may not GET any better than that. So, I guess I'll just have a happy [non]birthday or else!


Anonymous said...

You do have it good!

I'm doing much better though, thanks. *g

Good luck with finishing that PhD!!

Lynellen said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better!

Thanks for the luck..i'm gonna need it.