Thursday, August 14, 2008

Copy Kate Hudson's makeup look, using Mary Kay

MSN Style Studio has this video about how to get Kate Hudson's summer look.
Here's how to get that look using Mary Kay products!

Summer Trends: Earthtones like sand and taupe are always popular. For eyes, try the Neutral colors. For cheeks, try a Bronzing Powder.

Summer Trends: Make your eye pop with accent colors in metalic greens, aquas, and blues.

To get Kate Hudson's look:
1) Apply a sheer foundation for an even skin tone yet barely-there. If you like liquid foundations, use the Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer (which also has SPF 20!). For powder foundation, use the Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation. Tip: remember to blend all the way down into the neck.

2) Apply blush to the apple of the cheek, in a petal pink or peach shade. Mary Kay offers several colors in these shades: Pink Petals, Cherry Blossom, Strawberry Cream, Shy Blush, and Sparkling Cider. Blend outward from the apple of your cheek instead of contouring the entire cheek bone. Go for a subtle glow.

3) Eyes: start with a neutral earthtone. If you want a little shimmer, try Honey Spice. For a lot of shimmer, try either Eyesicle in Vanilla or Island Bronze. For a more matte look, use Silky Caramel. Blend this color across the entire eyelid. Line the inside of the eyelid with either Olive or Navy. Finish with a coat of mascara - Mary Kay offers Black and Black Brown. Tip: Black mascara is more dramatic, while Brown is lighter and more fun.

4) Lips: match your lip color to your cheek color. Pink Petals cheek could match to Lipstick in Paradise Pink then finish with Starry clear lipgloss. Cherry Blossom cheek could match to lipstick Dusty Rose or Pink Satin then finish with Starry clear lipgloss. Strawberry Cream cheek could match to lipgloss in Pink Diamonds. Shy Blush could match with lipstick Sweet Nectar then finish with Starry clear lipgloss. Finally, Sparkling Cider cheeks could match with lipstick Apricot Glaze then finish with Starry clear lipgloss.

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