Saturday, July 05, 2008

Minnesota and South Dakota

In my continued planning for an RV vacation through the upper midwest, I also ordered the state tourism books from Minnesota and South Dakota.

Minnesota's was not at all what I was was a narrative, not like a guide book. Since there were very few bold headings about towns or attractions, it didn't really catch my interest enough to read every word. Thus my impression is that there isn't much to see in Minnesota. They have a huge concern about the environment. They make cheese. Lots of pictures. That's all I remember. Won't be spending more time tracking down things to do there.

Now, South Dakota has a very well done tourism guide book. Minnesota should order one and follow their lead. Granted South Dakota a rural state, but they have quite a handful of things that interest me.

So, yeah, I'm a lot more impressed with South Dakota right now than I am with Minnesota. Anyone been to South Dakota? Is there something special there you've like that isn't on my list above? Or been to anything on my list that is a stinker in reality?


michellewillingham said...

I've always wanted to visit South Dakota, especially the Badlands. Sounds really cool!

Lynellen said...

The Badlands are a DEFINITE draw here...I want to see those gorgeous rocks and canyons!